1. The Min is not pleased #Minnie #minthechin #hochiminh #kittizenkane #bratcat (at Spring Mills Veterinary Hospital)

  2. Minced chicken patty with jalapeño mango salsa and habanero mango hot sauce on a pretzel roll with a side of old bay kale chips #andpinot #aintnowifey #wait

  3. This is how we get the boiz @mollbrew @acornmountain (at Revolutions at Saucon Valley)

  4. So much Frenchtown is happening in this picture (at The National Hotel)


    1. Me: *smiles at phone*
    2. Mom: a boy?
    3. Me: a fanfiction

  7. My dad ran into an old friend of his today, and they were catching up...

    1. Friend: "So how's your daughter doing?"
    2. Dad: "Great! She's in college now, and she's doing really well. We're really proud of her."
    3. Friend: "What's she studying?"
    4. Dad: "Political Science."
    5. Friend: "And does she have a boyfriend?"
    6. Dad: "Actually, she came out as gay several years ago."
    7. Friend: "You know that's... UNNATURAL... right??"
    8. Dad: "No, I don't think so, actually. My daughter's sexual orientation is a biological reality. It makes biological sense to me. You know what doesn't make biological sense? Her damned cat walks on a leash. A LEASH. Just trots along on a leash like a damned dog. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life. THAT is what's unnatural."
    9. Best dad ever
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    Poussey Washington in Orange Is The New Black 2x6

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  9. "Every time I watch Gilmore Girls I just love Jess more."
    — my mom


    (My mom was a later jess-camp convert. It took me reading her loads of my fanfic, and explaining headcanon in detail for her to “get it.” But, it was amazingly cool for me to read her certain passages of my stories and have her exclaim, “Well OF COURSE he always [insert in-show Jess tendency here]! ” and then go on to expand on the headcanon, and how he couldn’t have been expected to act any other way. :D So proud!)

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    middle schoolers complaining about how stressful school is


    Excuse you middle school may have been simpler in your time but these days it can be so brutal. Had you read three Steinbeck books by the time you were thirteen? Probably not.


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  13. German bible circa 1885 #heirloom

  14. #tbt to before @shandy_candy22 left me for the west coast 😢😩😢